AngE™ Phlebo


Venous and Arterial Measurements at Credit Card Size. Venous Function Tests For a fast assessment of venous valve incompetence. Determine pump volume (V0), venous fill time (T0) and venous half-life time (T50) in one simple test. Arterial Finger/Toe Measurements Assess arterial blood flow with Morbus Raynaud and TOS tests. Optical Pulse Oscillography (OPO) allows to determine the patient's arterial blood flow in toes or fingers and therefore makes rapid examinations of TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) as well as the conduction of Toe Pressure measurements possible. Venous Function Measurements The AngE Phlebo is a 2-channel D-PPG/LRR device. This means it uses two IR-sensors to perform a venous function measurement. The system also supports using a set of Tourniquet cuffs. Pump Volume and Fill Time AngE Phlebo calculates pump volume (V0), venous fill time (T0) and venous half-life time (T50) automatically. The results are stated in a simple traffic light display and allow for a fast venous valve incompetence diagnostics. Muscle Pump Function In order to evaluate the function of the muscle pump, AngE Phlebo allows performing measurements while the patient is walking. Arterial Blood Flow Tests By applying the optical sensors on toes or fingers, arterial circulation disorders such as Morbus Raynaud or TOS can easily be assessed. Temperature Probes Measurement probes on both sensors sense and compare the patient's skin temperature during the measurement. Comprehensive Software AngE Phlebo comes with a sophisticated software featuring patient management, measurement analysis, DICOM/HL7 interfaces and many more.
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