Fully Equipped Vascular Diagnostics System Up to 8 cuff positions and 2 optical simultaneous measurement channels as well as Doppler probes, ECG recording and a detailed analysis software provide comprehensive opportunities. 8-Channel Segmental Oscillography Perform a simultaneous measurement on up to 8 cuff positions simultaneously to efficiently localize the level of an occlusion. Venous Occlusion Plethysmography (VOP) Assess the venous status of the legs in lying position by performing plethysmographic measurements, such as Reactive Hyperaemia Test and Dynamic Venous Air Plethysmography, with cuffs only. PWI™ – Pulse Wave Index The Pulse Wave Index is a clear and sensitive parameter based on pulse wave shape to determine the severity of blood flow disorders in significantly less time. Micro- and Macrocirculation Assess the Micro- and Macrocirculation to estimate the Wound Healing success. Stress Tests Record the patients' blood circulation after passive and active stress tests, such as knee bends and toe tip stands, for effective clarification. Venous Function Measurements AngE Phlebo calculates pump volume (V0), venous fill time (T0) and venous half-life time (T50) automatically. The results are stated in a simple traffic light display and allow for a fast venous valve incompetence diagnostics. Arterial Blood Flow Tests By applying the optical sensors on toes or fingers, arterial circulation disorders such as Morbus Raynaud or TOS can easily be assessed. Pulse Wave Velocity and HRV Determine Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) by recording the ECG-Trigger. Doppler ABI Use the 8 MHz or 4 MHz doppler probes to assess and record the blood flow vessel by vessel. Detailed Report Printout The one-page report combines all important details about the patient’s vascular status on a single page at the touch of a button.
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