Comprehensive Vascular Screening Prevent Amputations Through early recognition of Blood Flow Disorders in extremities and forefoot area. oABI, TBI, PWV Determine Toe Pressure, Pulse Wave Velocity, Heart Rate Variability and more parameters in under 3 minutes. PWI™ – Pulse Wave Index The Pulse Wave Index is a clear and sensitive parameter based on pulse wave shape to determine the severity of blood flow disorders in significantly less time. TOPP – Tissue Optical Perfusion Pressure The innovative method allows measuring on ankle and wrists as well as on fingers and toes, including forefoot- and toe pressure measurement. Stress Tests Record the patients' blood circulation after passive and active stress tests, such as knee bends and toe tip stands, for effective clarification. Micro- and Macrocirculation Assess the Micro- and Macrocirculation to estimate the Wound Healing success.
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