Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer


Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is user-friendly, as the main sterilizing agent is very safe, remaining nontoxic residue (Water and Oxygen) MİXTA 'MPS series Plasma Sterilizers' are offered with single door options in the free-standing configuration as a fully automatic plasma sterilizer. To assure fast & efficient sterilization, pre-set programs for different kinds of equipment with different specifications are set. In short, the plasma sterilizer uses hydrogen peroxide (H202) as its sterilizing agent. By increasing the heat, the sterilizer converts the liquid hydrogen peroxide into a gas. Further heating of the hydrogen peroxide gas turns some of the gas into plasma. The high heat disperses the molecules into free radicals, which are highly unstable. The free radicals want to return to their natural stable state, so they “search” for the matter to attach themselves to in order to accomplish this. What matter do they easily find inside the sterilizer? The microorganisms on your load of endoscopes. When the free radicals attach themselves to the microorganisms on a load of endoscopes, oxidation takes place, and this is what effectively destroys the essential cell components of the germs, e.g., enzymes, nucleic acids, and DNA.
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