HIGH RELIABILITY DESIGN FOR HIGH WORKLOAD The Xceed Bundle with CT3000 is designed for high clinical workloads. It features CoolGlide™ liquid metal bearing (LMB) technology, which delivers excellent heat dissipation for continuous scanning, supporting high throughput. The frictionless operation of LMB decreases wear on the tube, resulting in a longer life than traditional ball bearing tubes. The Xceed bundle consists of an X-ray tube with CoolGlide™ LMB , generator, cooling unit and cables. Additionally, it can be combined with a Dunlee detector. High Throughput - Excellent cooling capacity for continuous scanning - Less waiting time due to overheating Faster Workflow - Continuous rotation of the anode, saves preparation time, no start and stop like with ball bearings - 90% fewer scan interruptions through arcing for continuous workflow Higher Reliability - Average lifetime of CoolGlide™ LMB tubes exceeds traditional Ball Bearing tubes by far.
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