OmniOx HFT700


[OmniOx HFT700] HFT700 is the world's first next-generation device that combines HFNC and NIV, and can care for a wide range of respiratory disease patients.               - Key Feature - 1. Respiratory care device with all functions for non-invasive respiration care. 2. "3 in 1" respiratory care mode (High-flow respiration care, CPAP, and non-invasive ventilation) 3. Easily care of patients in accordance with their conditions only by changing applications and operation modes 4. Provision stable and a constant amount of oxygen through the electrical oxygen blending technology 5. Rapid response to patients conditions by monitoring their respiration rate, SpO2, and S/F ratio 6. Simple patient breathing circuit and application configuration 7. Remote monitoring of patients by linking with the central monitoring system
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