1.Unique Characteristics - Spiral Needle Echo 1.1 Enhanced ultrasonic visibility(FNA/FNB Needle) The Spiral Echo pattern makes the position of the needle on the ultrasound can be seen more clearly with the naked eye during the procedure 1.2 Increase needle stiffness(FNA/FNB Needle) Increase the stiffness of the needle by dispersing the area where the thickness of the needle(T) decreases Compared to the straight type echo reducing the thickness of the needle up and down by the thickness of the echo, the spiral type echo has the effect of dispersing it in only one direction. 2. Unique Characteristics - Needle Design 2.1 With beveled needle (FNA/FNB Needle) Strengthen tissue penetration & reduce friction When penetrating, it prevent tissue from entering the inner diameter of the needle & reduce tissue bleeding 2.2 Both bevel cut design (FNB Needle) Bevel cut design in both direction (Other company products are only one-direction) Both back cutted bevel type to acquire more tissue with less handling.
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