Cardiofax M ECG-3350


With its large 8-inch colour display, data can be viewed easily and allows ECG preview before recording. Cardiofax M supports paper-based and paperless workflows, enabling both waveform and analysis results to be transferred to a PC for review. Nihon Kohden’s breakthrough technology supports clinicians in testing more patients with enhanced information available from analysis. With synECi18 technology, Cardiofax M provides 18-lead ECG information from a 12-lead ECG, optimizing patient safety and functioning as a great triage tool. Quality diagnosis - Advanced filtering technology eliminates noise with less waveform distortion - ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program provides more than 200 findings with detailed analysis - Records accurate data for faster diagnosis. - 8-inch colour TFT display - 12-lead waveform monitoring - Fast and high-quality examination - Accurate measurement to avoid retesting - Simplified design - User-friendly interface - The most recent three minutes of all lead ECG waveforms can be stored in the internal memory. This large memory capacity ensures that the necessary information is kept available.
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