Lunit INSIGHT MMG assists both breast specialists and general, non-specialist radiologists by increasing the cancer detection rate and decreasing the rate of false positives when interpreting screening mammograms. Studies show the software has an accuracy of 96% and significantly improves the interpretive capabilities of radiologists by up to 10%. Implementing AI in the analysis of mammogram images could help reduce false positive and false negative recalls and successfully triage up to 60% of all cases without human interpretation, reducing the reading workload by more than half. In addition, INSIGHT MMG improves diagnostic accuracy of mammograms for dense and fatty breasts by up to 9% and 22% respectively. The software has received CE mark and FDA clearance, and has been featured in major publications such as Radiology, Lancet Digital Health, JAMA Network Open, European Radiology, Clinical Infectious Diseases, and so on.
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