Lunit INSIGHT CXR supports radiologists with cases of chest abnormalities, helping them minimize the risk of missed cases. Lunit INSIGHT CXR detects nodules, atelectasis, cardiomegaly, fibrosis, calcification, consolidation, mediastinal widening, pleural effusion, pneumoperitoneum, and pneumothorax. It also supports with tuberculosis screening. Studies show that this AI-supported technology has an accuracy of 97% to 99% and increases workflow efficiency through decreasing the total report reading time by 34%. INSIGHT CXR automatically generates a case report which includes an analysis of each radiologic finding and its location information. Radiologists can customize detectable findings and their visualization methods according to the user’s clinical environment. The software has received CE mark and has been validated through studies published in major peer-reviewed journals such as Radiology, Lancet Digital Health, JAMA Network Open, Clinical Infectious Diseases, and etc. It is also embedded in imaging devices and PACS systems of major vendors such as Fujifilm and GE Healthcare.
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