The application of HOCL (Activated H2O) as a disinfectant replicates the natural power and chemistry of infection fighting human white blood cells safely and effectively in your environment. The chemical makeup of the solution disinfects, sanitises, and deodorises as it is applied on surfaces. Most surfaces are at high risk of harbouring infectious agents (including COVID 19). Typical cleaning products clean and remove dirt. They do not kill pathogens which include highly transmittable viruses. Sanitizers and disinfectants kill germs. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the perfect weapon to fight germs & pathogens. The unique chemistry of TyroSan20 has been formulated as a result of rigorous tests, trials and evaluations by world leading scientists and is fully compliant with EU and UK biocidal products regulations. Not all products have the individual EU registration that the law demands. From tests carried out by our team, it transpires that many other Hypochlorous Acid products are actually contaminated with bleach, that decays rapidly, or they are very weak solutions that are ineffective. More worryingly, others are produced at super high concentrations that aren’t safe to use around people and can be highly corrosive on many surfaces. www.tyrosan20.com
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