Sigma Bio-UV Lamp


Our Sigma Bio-UV Lamp is an ideal, human-safe, potent, efficient, programmable, uninterrupted and reliable disinfection system available at this point of time for safeguarding all kinds of Indoor Spaces. In the current pandemic era, it is practically impossible to attain such high rate of disinfections consistently with the age-old conventional chemical disinfection, which is toxic, uncontrollable, highly inconsistent, labor intensive and very expensive option. Over and above the chemicals cannot disinfect air and it is a batch to batch treatment and not a continual one Sigma Bio Bio-UVC energy is soft on humans as they don’t penetrate human and/or animal skin or eyes unlike the conventional UV (254 nm). An exclusively designed Optical filters efficiently filters harmful wavelengths and transmits the permissible wavelengths by strictly complying with the AP-UVGI safety protocols
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AL Deraa Al Thaki Gen. Tr. LLCR.E59Ours is an innoventive venture chiefly specializes in the cutting-edge fields viz Physical Sterilization Devices, Nano Surface Coatings, Intelligent Security Equipment and few other Sunrising Sectors Our Parent Company the Sigma Shield Disruptive Technologies LLC, USA have successfully developed Human Safe 222nm UVC Lamp aptly called Sigma Bio-UV Bubble and Sterilization Cabinet called Sigma Hybrid Sterilizing Cabinet by investing in millions of Dirhams and the patenting the products are being initiated Sigma Shield 222 nm UVC Lamp is a game changer in the field of sterilization, as it can continually sterilize the Air, Room, People, Pet & Plant by creating a Bio-bubble around them 24/7. For centuries particularly the Healthcare Sector has been missing such handy devices in the Operating Room, ICU, Post-surgery Ward, Consulting Room, Pathological Lab, Dental & Ophthalmology Departments as it can curtail drastically the cross-contamination and offer many other benefits. Although to exemplify the efficacy of our products, we have quoted the healthcare as it is the epitome for the hygiene standards, it is equally effective and handy in all other enclosed environments viz School, Retail, Offices, Automobile viz Bus, Car & Van etc, in short a hospital standard hygiene can be created wherever the People, Pet & Plant are there. As you know at this juncture there is no comparable option is available in the world This particular UVC as a technology has been validated by several global bodies viz WHO; FDA, CDC; NIH, NCBI; NIOSH, EPA, NIAID; DHHS; EU-CDC. By the top Medical Schools viz MIT, Colombia, Stanford, Harvard, Nebraska, Johns Hopkins, Cornell ….. in short by more than 200 Global Medical Universities and by about 450 Engineering Universities in the world. Even by the reputed Labs/Associations viz ECRI Institute, UL Lab; American Society for Microbiology; American Cancer Society, ASHRAE etc. Finally, by the Ace Journals viz New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, American Medical, British Medical, Clinical Oncology, American Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, JAMA, Epidemiologic Reviews etc. Thus, the safety and efficacy of the UVC 222 nm Lamp has been corroborated by all those global entities that are worth the salt On the other hand, our Sigma Bio-UV Bubble as a device has been reported to the FDA CDRH who has also assigned an accession number in the name of our company. Our Device has also successfully passed almost 760 kinds of tests carried out by three different independent Labs including by the world largest group of Labs called the German Fins Scientific Similarly, our Sigma Hybrid Sterilizer has secured Gold Standard Log Reduction Certifications including 99.9 and 99.9999% from the Dubai Central Lab & from the Middle East Testing Services LLC; Ajman respectively Our Products have collectively undergone about 780+ different tests with stupendous success including Photobiological Safety Test (IEC-62471), CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, RoHS & 6 types of Pathogenic Germs Killing Efficiency Tests We are committed to bring new levels of curative and restorative sterilization capabilities by deploying proton management technologies to fight, to protect us all from existing and future biological threats starting from the Corona to Seasonal Flu to foodborne and other more challenging hospital-acquired infections We have ensured that every product we have successfully developed is Technologically Supple, Commercially Viable, Operationally Easy & Environmentally Neutral If you think the creation of economy and jobs that the switchover of conventional lights to LEDs generated as phenomenal, then visualize what retrofitting of every enclosed environment where people remain or gather with 222 nm UV-lamps could do