iMAC 10


iMAC 10 ECG Acquisition Unit for Telemedicine ECG Acquisition Unit for telemedicine 12-lead synchronous acquisition which needs to be used with the hospital's digital ECG workstation software or android app. Features ● External USB magnetic connection charging, safe and convenient ● Lead connection diagram ● Support lead-off sound and light alarm ● Support battery reminder alarm ● Bluetooth connection ● sampling rate is 32000hz to make the waveform restoration more accurate ● Able to detect pacemaker signals to assist doctor in clinical diagnosis Data Transmission Resting ECG App(for Android) ● Real Time Sampling ● Automatic Diagnosis ● Touch screen can provide a better user experience Workstation(for PC) ● Printing ● Waveform Analysis ● Average Template ● Automatic Diagnosis ● Measure ● Reanalysis
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