ZD-100 ICU Used Medical Column Pendant for Hospital


Introduction ZD-100 refers to medical column pendant, which is a kind of medical rescue auxiliary equipment designed for ICU ward and operating room. It is characterized by compact structure, small space and complete functions. Applications 1. Operating Room 2. Endoscope Room 3. Anesthesia Room 4. Hospital Wards Feature 1. High-strength Material The column pendant is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. 2. Separate Electricity and Gas Design The gas and electrical zones are designed separately for safety purposes. The bottom must be designed with oxygen effusion holes to prevent fire accident which caused by oxygen accumulation with power cord. 3. Double Brake System With electric and damping dual limit system. Ensure no drift during operation. 4. Instrument Tray The instrument tray has a good bearing capacity, and the height can be adjusted as required. It has a silicone anti-collision design, and the drawer is automatic suction type. 5. Durable Gas Outlets Different color and shape of the gas interface to prevent wrong connection. Secondary sealing, three states (on, off, and unplug), more than 20,000 times to use.
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