QF-JX-300 China ICU Medical Separate Bridge Pendant for Hospital


Introduction QF-JX-300 refers to ICU medical bridge pendant, which is a necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment in modern ICU wards, mainly composed of bridge frame, dry section, and wet section. This medical bridge pendant can be designed into two modes, dry section and wet section combined together or separated. The wet section is equipped with a multi-layer instrument platform. It is equipped with a syringe pump rack and a infusion pump rod. The dry section is equipped with a multi-layer instrument platform and the drawer height is adjustable. The medical gas, suction, power supply and network output terminals are respectively configured in the dry and wet sections within the reach of medical staff. Applications 1. Intensive Care Room 2. Entire Wards 3. Recovery Room Feature 1. High-strength Material The bridge is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. It has a strong bearing capacity. 2. Sliding Rail Design The sliding rail design makes the tower movement more smoothly, and also makes the medical staff more labor-saving. 3. Soft LED Lightning LED lighting sources are arranged on the beams of medical bridge pendant to provide a good working environment for medical staff. 4. Modular structure Modular structure design can meet future upgrade needs and easy for maintenance. 5. Gas-electricity Separation Design The gas-electricity separation design ensures safe use. The power line and air supply pipeline will not be twisted or fall off accidentally due to the pendant rotation. 6. Durable Gas Outlets Different color and shape of the gas interface to prevent wrong connection. Secondary sealing, three states (on, off, and unplug), more than 20,000 times to use. It can be maintained without air off.
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