TD-TS-100   Factory Direct Supply Medical Combined Pendant for Hospital


Introduction TD-TS-100 refers to combined medical pendant. It is an ideal comprehensive auxiliary equipment for intensive care in operating rooms, emergency rooms, and ICUs. Different combined medical pendant can be designed according to the requirements of medical staff. The different combination of surgical pendant, endoscopic tower and anesthesia pendant allows medical staff to work continuously and uninterruptedly at critical moments. Applications 1. Operating Room 2. Emergency Room 3. ICU Feature 1. Reduce Space Requirement For operating rooms or ICU with limited space, the medical combined pendant does not occupy too much space and is an ideal choice for these places. 2. Easy Moving and Positioning Compared with the medical bridge pendant, which can only move horizontally, the medical combined pendant has a larger moving range, with a 350 degree rotation. If you want to have more space for activities, you can also configure your arms. 3. Unlimited Equipment Combinations With its modular design and high load capacity, two pendant can carry many instruments, such as respirator, monitors, IV pumps ans syringe pump. 4. Better Cables and Tubes Management The two towers share a mounting plate, and the layout of all electric wires and gas supply pipes will be more reasonable.
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