TD-D-100 Single Electric Surgical Gas Pendant with CE Certificates


Introductionp: TD-D-100 refers to single arm electrical surgical gas pendant. It is widely used in operating room and ICU. The lifting of the pendant is driven by a motor, which is not only fast and effective, but also safer and more reliable. It is created for all necessary electrical, data and medical gas services. Add exhaust gas and nitrogen oxide interface, which can be upgraded to anesthesia medical pendant. Applications: 1. Operating Room 2. Intensive Care Unit 3. Emergency Department Feature: 1. Customized Rotating Arm We offer an array of rotating arms, ranging from 600mm to 1200mm. 2. Articulated Arms Articulated arm pendant systems provide high load intensity for equipments, such as medical gas, medical gas and video imagining. 3. Electric Driven System Compared with mechanical medical pendant, the electrical one can be raised and lowered, and the operation is faster and more convenient. 4. High-strength Aluminum Alloy Material Arm body and box body both are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. Fully enclosed design with minimum thickness of 8mm or above. 5. Double Brake System The standard configuration is electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake, dual brake system, to ensure that the cabinet does not drift during the operation. We do not recommend the use of pneumatic brakes. Although it can prevent accidental rotation of the cabinet, there is a risk of air leakage.
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