TS-DQ-100 Double Arm Electrical Medical Endoscopic Pendant from Factory


Introduction: TS-DQ-100 refers to double arm electrical endoscopic pendant. It is an essential instrument in Laparoscopic surgery. It is driven by electricity, very convenient and faster. Not only can transmit electricity and gas, but also place some medical equipment. 100% customize in size, medical gas outlets, and electrical sockets. Modular design, it can be upgraded in the future. Feature: 1. Electrical Driven System With electrical driven system and articulated arm, it will be convenient for medical stuff, saving time and physical effort. 2. Double Rotating Room Double swivel arms, the length of the arm can be customized and can be rotated 350 degrees, providing a lot of space for movement. 3. Gas and Electricity Separation Design According to strict international standards, the gas zone and the electric zone are designed separately to ensure that the gas supply lines and gas supply pipes will not be accidentally twisted or dropped due to the rotation of the pendant. 4. Instrument Tray The instrument tray is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles with good bearing strength. There are stainless steel rails on both sides for installing other equipment. The height of the tray can be adjusted as needed. The tray has protective rounded corners. 5. Gas Outlets The color and shape of the gas interface are different to prevent incorrect connection. Secondary sealing, three states (open, closed and unplugged), used more than 20,000 times.
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