TDG-2 China Hot Selling Electric Ophthalmology Operating Table with CE certificates


TDG-2 electric ophthalmic operating table uses a foot switch to adjust the leg, back and elevation of table. It is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and has high mechanical strength. Widen the ophthalmology table surface, concave headboard, high-quality memory mattress, improve patient comfort. In the absence of power, the built-in battery can support 50 operations. The optional doctor seat can adjust the armrest back panel and seat height. Feature: 1. Ultra-Low Position The minimum height of ophthalmology operating table can be adjusted to 500mm. The well-known electromagnetic drive system is stable, reliable and noise-free during operation. It is the best choice for ophthalmology and ENT surgery. 2. Removable Head Plate Removable head plate is easily to control by mechanical gear. The concave design in the middle of the headboard cushion meets the ergonomic requirements. 3. Wide Surface The surface width can reach 550mm, allowing the patient to lie on it more comfortably 4. Flexible Foot Switch The angle of the back plate and leg plate can be adjusted through the foot switch, which is convenient for the doctor to adjust the patient's position to the most ideal position during the ophthalmology operation. 5. Petal Brake Mechanical pedal brakes are faster, convenient, safe and reliable. 6. Optional Doctor Chair The doctor chair can adjust the armrests, backrests and seat height. Parameters: Model Item: TDG-2 Electric Ophthalmic Operating Table Length and Width: 2080mm * 550mm Elevation( Up and Down): 700mm / 500mm Head Plate (Up and Down): 45°/ 90° Back Plate (Up and Down): 45°/ 20° Leg Plate (Up and Down): 45°/ 20° Horizontal Sliding: 300mm Electro-motor system: Jiecang Voltage: 220V/110V Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz Power Compacity: 1.0 KW Battery: Yes Mattress: Memory Mattress Main Material: 304 Stainless Steel Maximum Load Capacity: 200 KG Warranty: 1 Year
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