TDY-Y-1 Multi-purpose Electric-Hydraulic Medical Operating Table in China


TDY-Y-1electric hydraulic operating table adopts electric imported hydraulic transmission structure, which replaces the traditional electric push rod transmission technology. The position adjustment is more precise, the movement speed is more uniform and stable, and the performance is reliable and durable. The Y-shaped base ensures the stability and enough leg space. Translation function and see-through bed board, fitted with C-arm, can perform whole body X-ray scanning. The dual control system, in addition to the hand-held remote control, is equipped with a column emergency control system. The one-key reset function provides the doctor's work efficiency. This electro-hydraulic integrated operating table is suitable for various surgery, such as abdominal surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, ENT, urology, anorectal and orthopedics, etc Model Item: TDY-Y-1 Electric-Hydraulic Operating Table Length and Width: 1960mm * 500mm Elevation( Up and Down): 1090mm / 690mm Head Plate (Up and Down): 60°/ 85°/0° Back Plate (Up and Down): 85°/ 40° Leg Plate (Up /Down/ Outward): 15°/ 90°/ 90° Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 28°/ 28° Lateral Tilt (Left and Right): 18°/ 18° Kidney Bridge Elevation: 100mm Horizontal Sliding: 340mm Zero position: One button, standard Flex/ Reflex: Combination Operation X-ray Board: Optional Control Panel: optional Emergency stop button: Optional Electro-motor system: Chaoger from Taiwan Voltage: 220V/110V Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz Power Compacity: 1.0 KW Battery: Yes Mattress; Memory Mattress Main Material: 304 Stainless Steel Maximum Load Capacity: 200 KG Warranty: 1 Year
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