Fitness Wellness® exercise portable products.

Information Expert management maintain their commitment of producing the finest convenient products using only the best clinically scientifically validated natural raw materials along with patented cutting edge technology, using certified safe cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) high standards in their modern state of the art facility that are in regulatory compliance, complete with an in-house quality control and microbiology labs where rigid testing inclusive of product and environmental monitoring, water quality compliance studies and full metal detection, and sustainability are conducted by experts in their field during every phrase of production. From natural, pure ingredients receipt to high efficacy potency, quality safe finished products at dispatch are assured that all our products are safe and adhere to domestic and international regulatory standards. As a leading manufacturer, the company expands its market share globally, developing its extensive product line, enhancing and satisfying the needs of the consumers who insist on taking a more proactive role enhancing their physical well being and appearance. Private label clients can select from a complete line of products, flavors, packaging, and avail themselves to our expert staff of researchers consisting of nutritionists, chemists, pharmacists, biochemists, researchers to assist developing and produce high quality products specifically tailored to clients’ needs and unique interests. 1) The Surest Way to get Stronger Sales is to Sell a Stronger Product! 2) “ Staying the same is not an option as it does not change your results! Shoppers have more options. “ 3) What worked two months ago won’t work as well now. Can you afford to not make the most out of your product offering?
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Dynatabs LLCR.E55Seeking distributorWe offer a GREAT opportunity to become our local distributor or aligning us with a company who has the capacity to all those realizing benefit of our innovative convenient products serving the needs of their clients instead of promoting unusable items that offer no sales!Since its founding DYNATABS®, LLC. has focused on the creation of proprietary custom formulations of an ever-expanding solution-specific assortment of our award winning, trademarked brands, superior “super impact” convenience-oriented, efficacious, functional aging management product lines. DYNATABS® oral edible dietary supplements strips targeting the wellness industry of the 40% of the population who cannot swallow pills with rapid delivery of nutrition through the right combination of natural potent vitamins and wholesome nutrients. DYNATABS® DIETARY SUPPLEMENT TABS (STRIPS) DYNATABS® POWERPOINT: DYNATABS® TV: DYNADOO® HAIR GEL STYLING TABS(STRIPS) – for good grooming on the go.A unique styling pocket pack product for strong hair styling control while adding incredible texture and control.Ideal for travelers since it is TSA allowed for entry as carry-on aboard airplanes, public government buildings, work, and school, everywhere Fun party and sports events favor. Enjoy the convenience of GOOD GROOMING ON THE GO TM DYNADOO® POWERPOINT: DYNADOO® TV: SERENITY HOME SPA® DELUXE CONVENIENT PRE-MOISTENED CONDUCTION HYDRATION FACIAL MASKSSERENITY HOME SPA® DELUXE CONVENIENT PRE-MOISTENED CONDUCTION HYDRATION MASKSVANITY® DELUXE CONVENIENT PRE-MOISTENED CONDUCTION HYDRATION FACIAL MASKSVANITY® DELUXE CONVENIENT PRE-MOISTENED CONDUCTION HYDRATION MASKS SERENITY HOME SPA® POWERPOINT: SERENITY HOME SPA® TV: ALOE VERA DRINKING GEL® Designer Series® variety of space saving wall mounted soap dispensers; Automatic air fragrance dispensers for an opulent fragrant germ-free environment for home and public establishments. FITNESS WELLNESS® PORTABLE PRODUCTS Since its founding, the industry award winning American company: DYNATABS®, LLC. specializes in expert custom formulations convenience products. 1) The Surest Way to get Stronger Sales is to Sell a Stronger Product!2) “ Staying the same is not an option as it does not change your results! Shoppers have more options. “ 3) What worked two months ago won’t work as well now. Can you afford to not make the most out of your product offering? 4) “ Naturally if those marketing alliance does not understand the value of the product in relation to the customer's needs, the decision maker will surely fail. “ 5) “ Evolve or become obsolete. “ 6) Product Innovation is our driving force. 7) Product Quality is our biggest legacy. 8) Customer Satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. In short, all of the above are wellness, convenience, at affordable prices for products that work. We help our customers WIN by doing what others are incapable and cannot or will not.We demonstrate our mission through:Building value-added partnershipsProactively developing innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges. We use sophisticated tools to understand the current trends, macroeconomics, and the retail industry. This understanding fuels our creative ideation.Leveraging technology to bring more value.Speed-to Market – Being able to get to market quickly is crucial for the success of our distributors and retailers that we facilitate. Our versatile, sophisticated, timely in-house manufacturing capabilities allow you to take advantage of market opportunities taking real time actions for improvement. All of our products are packaged in eye catching displays that are Friendly to Route , Easy to Execute in the field, ensuring everyone’s goal are aligned from the very beginning to ensure minimized waste and fast set up. DYNATABS, LLC OFFERS A RICHER, MORE ROBUST PORTFOLIO THAT INCLUDES A FULL RANGE OF TEMPORARY, SEMI-PERMANENT, PERMANENT, AND INTERACTIVE MERCHANDISING DISPLAY SOLUTIONS CREATING A MORE IMPACTFUL AND COMPELLING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE TO FULLY ENGAGE SHOPPERS AT RETAIL AS AN ANSWER TO E-COMMERCE. We give this advice because business strategy changes quickly. We’re here to help. When can we talk to discuss your becoming our distributor and putting our SUPER IMPACTFUL products into your product line or aligning us with someone who can?WELCOME TO PLACE YOUR ORDERS TODAY.Thank youSincerely,Managing DirectorDYNATABS, LLCNew York, U.S.A. E-Mail: HBAUM@DYNATABS.COMTel: +1 (718) 376 6084VIPER/WHATS APP/MOBILE: +1 (917) 439 7349Skype: BAUMINTLUS WWW.DYNATABS.COM