The range of INTERBODY DEVICES designed by ChM allows the surgeons to treat different cases of spine diseases caused by disorders in the functioning of the intervertebral discs at different spine levels in skeletally matured patients. We offer: - 3D-Ti intervertebral cervical locking cages for treating C3-C7 levels of the cervical spine - 3D-Ti PLIF intervertebral cages for treating L2-S1 segment of the spine from open posterior approach - 3D-Ti TLIF intervertebral cages for treating L2-S1 segment of the spine via posterolateral approach - vertebral body replacement system – Charspine VBR that consists of expandable cages and mesh cages for reconstruction and stabilization of partially or completely removed single- or multilevel vertebral bodies. Our 3D-Ti cages are made of biocompatible PEEK polymer and biocompatible titanium alloy in additive manufacturing technique. The Selective Laser Melting technology ensures spatial structure inside the implant which allows bone tissue to overgrow the cage. Variety of widths, heights and shapes allows to match the patient`s anatomy in the best possible way.
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