Child Abdominal Palpation and Auscultation Manikin


1. Simulation model of 5-year-old children. 2. The selection of abdominal signs is fully automated. 3. LCD displays the selected abdominal signs. 4. The size of liver and spleen can be controlled selectively, hepatomegaly 0-5cm, splenomegaly 0-6cm. Its abdominal wall, viscera is soft and elastic texture, and feel like a real person. The liver and spleen can move up and down with the abdominal breathing. 5. When touching tenderness, the children's simulator will send out painful sound. When the appendix tenderness point is examined, it not only has tenderness, but also vividly reflects the characteristics of rebound pain. Other tenderness points include epigastric tenderness, umbilical tenderness, upper ureteral tenderness, middle ureteral tenderness, left epigastric tenderness and lower abdominal tenderness. 6. Abdominal auscultation training can be realized, such as normal bowel sounds, excessive bowel sounds and abdominal vascular murmurs.
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