Our 7.0ChLP locking plate system has been lately enhanced with 6 new 7.0ChLP LOCKING PLATES dedicated FOR ANKLE ARTHRODESIS. The multiple plate options: both shape and size optimize implant selection to fit a wide range of medical cases. Bevelled tips make the percutaneous insertion easier and chamfered plate borders minimize soft-tissue irritation. Bottom undercuts in the shaft part of the plates limit the bone-to-plate contact, thus provide better blood circulation of preimplant tissues. Special design of locking holes also prevents the soft tissue irritation. Each plate is supplied with: - K-wire holes for provisional plate positioning - oval-shaped compression hole that allows for temporary implant positioning and compression in both directions without losing the fixed position of the implant - special hole for inclined compression screw that gives the possibility of ankle joint compression. Positioning of the holes together with their pre-defined screw direction ensures collision-free screw insertion and enhance the stability of fixation.
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