FEMORAL PERIPROSTHETIC PLATE is our new solution for fracture stabilization of proximal femur after hip replacement. Its optimized anatomical profile fits to a wide range of anatomies and facilitates the anatomical fracture reduction. The bevelled tip of shaft part simplifies the percutaneous insertion and the chamfered plate borders limit the soft-tissue irritation. The holes for insertion of K-wires allow for temporary plate positioning over the prosthesis. The hooks designed in epiphyseal part contribute additional implant and bone fragments stabilization and the transverse holes allow for cerclage wiring. The hole positioning provides collision-free screw insertion and stable bone immobilization around the prosthesis stem. Both locking and non-locking screws can be used what gives the surgeon multiple configuration for individual cases. The special design of locking holes reduces tissue irritation and brings the increased strength of the screw-to-plate threaded connection.
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