Our new RADIAL NAIL DRONES – Distal Radial Osteosynthesis Nail Evolution System - was designed with the cooperation and supervision of Maciej Piotrowski, MD, PhD. The intention was to find the solution that provides both: the stable fixation of comminuted fractures and smallest possible surgical traumatization of soft tissues. The use of well-known treatment philosophy promoted by Adelbert Kapandja and its development resulted in new implant. The osteosynthesis with new radial nail DRONES ensures early mobility and undamaged soft tissues do not hinder rehabilitation process and quick recovery of the wrist functions. Additionally, minimal damage to the blood supply of the bone fragments does not adversely affect bone union. The implant design facilitate anatomical reduction of fractures. Atraumatic nail tip simplifies insertion into intramedullary canal and chamfered borders of the plate part minimize soft-tissue irritation. Multiplane allocation of locking wholes in both shaft and plate parts of the nail allows for reconstruction of bone anatomy.
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