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Information Marketplace for connected-Radiology devices, analyzed via AI tools. the tools are chosen carefully by a committee of certified doctors globally.
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ezMedSoft (Rrsystems)S1.E37R.R. Information Systems and Technologies Ltd. (since 1989) - The developer of ezMesSoft, a software suite that provides a professional solution for the smart management of medical information and for the business management of every type of clinic and medical institute.  The most up-to-date technologies In order to develop our state of the art products, we utilize the most up to date technologies and configure our software to the needs of the customers and staff. With more than 30 years of proven knowledge and experience our software was developed on a foundation of cumulative medical knowledge and experience and by needs analysis, in-depth familiarity with medical trends, and adaptation for the processes needed to manage and operate medical centers and hospitals. All this with uncompromising quality, technological vision, and maximum innovation and effectiveness. We love people and technology, and always strive to bring them together we want our employees and our partners to be as motivated as we are, in order to create innovative, creative, and groundbreaking products, services, and solutions that provide real added value, contributing to the health and welfare of the community.Clinic ManagementA software product that will help you save on costs as well as personnel. The software makes it possible to run the clinic intelligently and provides an opportunity to increase profits. The tools offered by the software are diverse and numerous. They include sophisticated systems for scheduling and managing appointments, computerized medical files, physicians’ diaries, an advanced system for managing the clinic’s telemarketing efforts, and more.Appointment management systemA sophisticated system for comprehensively managing appointments – scheduling appointments and communicating with customers, maintaining several diaries concurrently, managing room occupancy, and sending reminders to customers.  Effectively managing appointments is an important parameter in streamlining business processes.We have the top expertise in supporting Aesthetics clinics & hospitals: Dermatologist, Plastic surgeries daycares. RIS (Radiology clinics), Women Health specialized clinics, and more.