Drainage Catheter


--Catheter Special PUR material with great biocompatibility avoids catheter adhere and block; the catheter is soft with small irritation and great crease resistance. It can soften in human body so the patients can feel more comfortable. --Catheter Tube The catheter tube is radiopaque under X-ray and graduation marked, so it is easy to master the depth of the catheter placement. --Catheter Placement The catheter placement operation is safer to reduce the chance of infection during minimally invasive surgery with guidewire use. The guidewire front end is naturally curved so it is not easy to injure splanchnocoele viscera. --Catheter Front End The catheter front end has two different designs. 1.Straight design. 2. Pigtail twisted design with smooth built-in and outside and additional side hole on the low-lying side. This design can avoid catheter wall sucked and blocked, and it can increase drainage area. Image descirption :drainage Catheter set
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