"Integrator" - an integration system for operating rooms


INTEGRATOR – Tool of 21st century INTEGRATOR is a proprietary, modular, multimedia and IT system for the integration of operating theaters. The system integrates the medical devices of the operating room and communicates with internal hospital systems. The main goal of the INTEGRATOR system is support and increasing the operating efficiency of the operating theater. INTEGRATOR features are: • reliability - a Polish product • high quality - CLASS I medical device – registered into the Register of Medical Devices • intuitive and easy operation - the touch screen of the monitor • security - individual encryption key • full DICOM compliance • system is open to other applications The INTEGRATOR consists of modules that can be individually adjust depending on your preferences and budget. 10 MODULES OF INTEGRATOR SYSTEM: 1. TECHNICAL CONTROL MODULE 2. APPARATURE CONTROL MODULE 3. MONITORING MODULE 4. DICOM MODULE 5. NEGATOSCOPE MODULE 6. RECORDING MODULE 7. REPORT MODULE 8. VIDEO SWITCHING MODULE 9. VIDEO CONFERENCE MODULE 10. DATA EXCHANGE MODULE
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