HY-C380 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System


HAIYING develops new design of trolley color doppler system HY-C380, which has19” High Resolution Medical grade Monitor for Flicker Free images with Continuous Progressive Scanning, Screen & Key Board swivel Movement for your comfort & Better Viewing, 10 inch Touch Screen with extensive strong options to suit your requirements. HY-C380 upgrades doctors' diagnosing practice with following performance: Spatial Compound Imaging,ITHI,Trapezoid imaging,Intelligent depth recognition, Auto tracing,B steer,Speckle reduction,Virtual HD 4D (option) Wide application: Specific probe for Digestive Department,Specific probe for Small Parts,Specific probe for OB& GYN Department,Specific probe for Angiocarpy,Specific virtual 4D Probe
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