MiS is the turning point for a new generation of therapeutic devices by ASA that gathers the technological and scientific know-how of the last twenty years. The proven advantages of the synchronized MLS® pulse are enhanced by a patent pending fibre optic technology and a new modulation capable of conveying even more intense and penetrating energy packages into the tissues. The experience gained with Hilterapia® has led to an increase in power of the impulse, focusing on the 905nm pulsed component, which in MiS reaches a peak power in the order of kW! The very high, instantaneous peak power and a controlled average power are consistent with the choice of pursuing efficacy while safeguarding patients’ safety. The modulation in short pulses allows in fact to “tame” the peak power, taking advantage of its therapeutic benefits in complete safety, avoiding damaging thermal effects. The scientific studies carried out have shown that the peculiarities of MiS are not limited to technological innovation and the enhancement of the biological effects already achieved with MLS® but, exceeding all expectations, have revealed new therapeutic effects that extend the possible applications of laser therapy towards pathologies with high social impact.
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