EUROHOLTER Holter ECG 3, 6-channel


LUMED® EUROHOLTER is a latest generation Holter system, capable of recording 3 or 12 channels and up to a maximum of 7 days at the highest quality. There are two models of EUROHOLTER recorders: EUROHOLTER 12view, records 24 or 48 hours. EUROHOLTER 3view, record 24 or 48 hours or up to 7 days The various models share all the functions and algorithms and differ only in the number of terminations and the duration of the recording, every other feature is common: Graphic display Programming and downloading recordings via memory card or USB port Pacemaker detection Events brand button Tool-free patient cable High resolution The LUMED® EUROHOLTER software has all the most advanced functions for analysis and validation of recordings: from the classic Compacted to QT/QTc, Atrial Fibrillation etc. analysis, up to Sleep Apnea analysis. The commands are accessible with both the mouse and the keyboard and reporting is therefore extremely fast. LUMED® EUROHOLTER is used by leading public and private cardiology facilities in Italy and abroad.
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