SH030 New Style Ostomy Bag


Our ostomy bags are of excellent quality and advanced usage,makingthe wound healed in the good condition Ostomy bag applications:collect excrement and urine after colostomy,ileostomy and urostomy. Features: 1,The hydrocolloid skin barrier has the performance o anti-maceration,low allergy,.and warping and leakage. lt has cxcellcnt exduation-absorbent and long sticking ability(up to 7days).And it is soft and comfortable. 2,Hydrocolloid skin barrier combines with the highly permeable PUfilm makes it stick for a long time, no leakage of exdudates,convenient to use. 3,The material of ostomy bag possesscs high obstructing ability,it iscomfortable and covert." 4,The one-piece system design discharge interstinal gas easily andfiltereffectively it excellent. Simple type Packing reference:Foam type 10pes/bag,400pcs/ctnGlue Pan type Size:35x31x40cm Two-piece type G. W.:6kg N. wW.:4.5kg
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