Agma Cast & Splint


Agma Cast Characteristics i. It used Fiberglass with water-cured resin ii. Light Weighted- It is 5 times lighter and stronger than a plaster cast iii. Fiberglass allows air to be easily ventilated. It delivers comfort to the patients. iv. It is easy and fast to mold by its soft and elastic material v. It has 4 different sizes and 5 different color options to choose Agma Splint Characteristics i. Bacteriostatic and deodorant effects ii. Various classified products- One-Step & Roll Type 11 kinds iii. Strong Weight Bearing- It can prevent twisting in long-leg treatment iv. Comfortable feeling- it will give you a comfortable feeling by adopting a high-quality non-woven fabric v. Good appearance, Easy application vi. Lightweight, Economical polyurethane resin.
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