eOAE - Otoacoustic emission system


When an acoustic signal hits the auditory system, the inner ear sends back a very quiet sound, the otoacoustic emissions. A distinction is made between transitory otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) and distorsively produced otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE). Both TEOAE and DPOAE can be measured with the eOAE device. A special screening mode is implemented for performing screening examinations on newborns. ● TEOAE - User defineable stop criteria - 4 adjustable profiles - Display as time graph or frequency diagram - All parameters at a glance ● DPOAE - 4 adjustable profiles - Display as DP-Gramm and Table ● Screening - Method TEOAE - Clear result presentation ● Easy charging via docking station ● Easy cleaning of the probe parts ● Good disinfectability through touch screen ● Optional printer available ● Clear measurement data management also on the device ● Qwerz keyboard for convenient data entry on the device ● Full integration into the eDM Diagnostic Manager
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