Vertigo and dizziness are one of most complaints in clinical praxis. Every 5th adult suffers from vertigo and dizziness. The causes of dizziness can be very different. With the help of different test procedures, the origin of the dizziness can be diagnosed. The main focus of diagnostics is on: Vestibular testing: >> Video head impulse test (eHIT) >> Bithermal caloric test (eVNG) >> Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (eVEMP) >> Subjective visual vertical - SVV (eSUV) Oculomotor function: >> Smooth pursuit test (eVNG) >> Saccadic test (eVNG) >> Optocinetic test (eVNG) >> Fixation suppression (eVNG) Somatosensoric testing: >> Posturography (ePOSTURO) >> Somatosensorisch evozierte Potentiale (SEP) Neurophysiology: >> Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP) >> Motor evoked potentials (MEP) >> Acustic evoked potentials (eABR) The BioMed Jena GmbH offers you all of this devices from one source. All devices have been developed by us and are also produced at the Jena city. Balance diagnostic devices of BioMed Jena - The ENTists!: eHIT USB - Video head impulse test for all semicircular canals eVNG USB - Full featured videonystagmography system eHIT+ USB - The unique combi system of vHIT and VNG eFRENZEL - Video-Frenzel based on the eVNG/eHIT goggle eVEMP - Testing c- and oVEMP eDVA - Dynamic visual acuity eSUV USB - Add on for testing static and tilted SVV ePOSTURO - Computer based Posturography KALORIstar CT - Modern air irrigator with active cooling (ACT)
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