R/F Solutions


A complete range of solutions for all types of budget and workflow : THE PLATINUM SYSTEM With its sleek design, all-in-one control console and mechanical ergonomics, the Platinum is THE remote-controlled table solution. Designed for a diagnostic experience that is as comfortable as possible for both patient and operator, the Platinum has been designed as a high-end solution for the most demanding workflows. THE OPTIMA SYSTEM The Optima was developed on the same platform as the Platinum and benefits from many of the same features and advanced technologies in a value-tier package. The main advantage of the platform effect is that servicing and applications training is exactly the same for both systems. ADAM : THE R/F WORFLOW REVOLUTION ADAM, the new R/F software suite, is specifically designed to bea modern and efficient tool for imaging experts. ADAM combines development and design expertise with user experience to define the next generation of R/F workflow. ADAM fits in the dRF remote controlled tables range: PLATINUM and OPTIMA
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