Operating and examination lamps


In order to meet the requirements posed by the modern surgery and each of its disciplines, we have developed an innovative solution - operating and examination lamps "plusLED", manufactured by our company in four basic lines: Plus Premium, Premium, Plus Eco and Eco. They were designed by Polish engineers in order to maximize the comfort and the ergonomics of the surgeon work. Our solutions perfectly reproduce colours, which allows surgeons to observe more important details in the operating field. The smallest nuances of the tissue colour can be seen thanks to very high colour rendering indexes (Ra), red colour (R9) and skin colour (R13). The colour spectrum of the operating field is reproduced naturally. The delicate and precise light of our operating lamps is friendly and comfortable for the operator's eyes. White LED diodes used in the construction of our devices are the fifth generation diodes with an impressive lifetime measured in tens of thousands of hours and years of uninterrupted lighting. Some of our lamps are equipped with a dual-function, central sterile handle that allows the operator to regulate not only the diameter of the illuminated field, but also the intensity of the lighting. This is a novelty in the field of ergonomics of the surgeon's work while maintaining his sterile operating area.
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