Dignity Disposable Underpads


Dignity® Disposable bed protector underpads designed to manage urinary incontinence in both men & women. With silicone release liners, Dignity Mattey sticks to the surface easily to avoid any underpad displacement. - Extra Soft Top Sheet made from non-woven fabric provides cloth-like comfort and helps keep skin dry and healthy. - Silicone Release Liners stick to the bed easily to prevent any underpad displacement due to movement. - Super Absorbent Core locks moisture quickly, leaving the user dry and comfortable for hours. - Unique Quilted Pattern helps in even and rapid absorption of the fluid. PE Back Sheet provides cloth-like comfort, while Side Seal helps prevent any leakage. - Ideal for incontinence or post-operative use in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. - Size Available: L - 60 X 90 CMS. Models Available 1- MATTEY UNDERPADS 2- DRYTEX UNDERPADS For more details visit www.romsons.in
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