Dignity Adult Diapers


Dignity® open-style Adult Diaper with adjustable tabs that guarantee a customized fit to the wearer. With Leakage Protection Promise for up to 10-16 Hours, Dignity® Adult Diapers are designed to contain urinary and faecal incontinence in both men & women. - It Provides advanced Leakage Protection for up to 10-16 Hours. - Suitable to be used during the day as well as night. - Super Absorbent Core Locks Moisture quickly, leaving the wearer dry and comfortable for hours. - ADL, Acquisition Distribution Layer helps in rapid fluid dispersion. - Leak Guard with Barrier Leg-Cuffs provides better urine and faecal containment. - PE Back Sheet ensures cloth-like comfort. Wetness Indicator indicates the need for a diaper change. Available Models are:- - PREMIUM - OVERNIGHT Sizes Available: - Medium - 28 to 45 inches (711-1143 mm). - Large - 38 to 54 inches (965-1371 mm). - XL - 48 to 57 inches (1219-1447 mm).
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