Medical Supply Management Cabinet - RFID (H1300)


Medical Supply Management Cabinet – RFID is thoughtfully designed to keep high-value supplies secure yet easily accessible, especially for implantable supplies, critical tools or surgical kits in the operating room. With updated ultra-high frequency RFID and IoT technology, high-value supplies can be tagged with RFID tags to track their location, specification, lot number, expiration date and usage with unprecedented speed and ease. During the operation procedure, staffs select the patient that they’re caring for and remove the items needed, linking the product usage to the patient - functions that previously needed to be performed at multiple systems. Once the door is closed, the cabinet’s reader senses all the RFID tags that were removed, and compares the results against the inventory list. If any item is approaching its expiration date, or if the quantity of an item drops below a preset threshold, the software forwards order data to the supplier’s ERP for easy replenishment. Combined with ICMSMS, the whole process from restocking, picking to patient billing is tracked and monitored, which can achieve a full closed-loop traceability of high-value supplies through the one code for one item system. A single integrated auxiliary (i.e., without terminal) is also available.
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