HQ-DY Series Dry Imager X-Ray Film Printer


It is the one and only domestically engineered medical dry thermal imager. The HQ-DY series Dry Imager uses the latest direct dry thermal imaging technology which accommodates for a full range of applications, including CT, MR, DSA and US, as well as CR/DR applications for GenRad, Orthopaedics, Dental Imaging and more. The HQ-Series Dry Imager dedicates to precision in diagnosis with its outstanding image quality, and offers affordable imaging catering to your needs. - Dry thermal technology - Daylight load film cartridges - Single tray, supports 4 film sizes - Speed printing, higher efficiency - Economical, stable, reliable - Compact design, easy installation - Straight forward operation, user-friendly Usage The HQ-DY series dry imager is a medical imaging output device. It is engineered to achieve its optimal performance when used with HQ-brand medical dry films. Different from the old method of film processors, our dry imager can be operated under daylight condition. With the elimination of chemical liquid, this thermal dry printing technology is significantly more environmentally friendly. However, to ensure the quality of output image, please keep away from heat source, direct sunlight, and acid and alkaline gas such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde, etc.
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