HQ-350XT X-Ray Film Processor


Design based on decades of experience and dedication in film processing, it can process all common film-types and formats used in conventional standard radiography, generating high-quality radiographs with easy operation. It incorporates an automatic standby with jog cycle for conserving water and energy, while its automatic replenishment function makes the developing process more efficient. State-of-the-art technology stabilizes developer and dryer temperatures. It is the ideal choice for imaging sites, diagnostic centers and private practice offices. Product Features - Automatic replenishment function - Automatic standby mode for conserving water and energy - Vortex drying system, completes the job more efficiently - 2 output options: front & rear - Roller shafts made of high quality plastic, resistant to corrosion & expansion Usage The HQ-350XT automatic x-ray film processor adds efficiency to clinical practices using film radiography systems. It maintains the chemicals required to develop x-ray film and automate the entire process. The exposed x-ray film is fed into the processor and it is developed with the final x-ray print as the output. Installation Conditions - Must be installed in dark room, avoid any light leakage. - Prepare high temperature development chemical wash kit & high temperature/general film in advance (dev/fix powder & low temperature film must not be used). - Dark room must be equipped with a tap (quick-opening faucet), sewer and 16A power outlet (for safer operation, a water valve is recommended, this tap must be used exclusively by the processor). - Make sure to do a test run with the X-ray and CT machine after installation for verification. - If water quality is undesirable, installation of a water filter is strongly recommended. - Air conditioning in the dark room is strongly recommended.
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