GD/F52   Childbirth Simulator


GD/F52, Childbirth Simulator consists of simulative gravida model (abdominopelvic part), fetus and twins models for gravida abdominal palpation (both attached to umbilical cord and placenta), and vulva part, etc. In addition, optional accessaries such as manual delivery mechanical parts can be chosen as required. Can practise and master comprehensive skills, e.g.: midwifery skills of normal labor and abnormal labor (dystocia), perineum protection, etc. Can operate multiple gestation (biparous) delivery training. Also can choose configuration to have mobile manual delivery operation training. Can have fetus and placenta delivery training. The simulator is made from imported PVC materials through die casting process with features of realistic appearance, real operation, reasonable structure and endurance. It is suitable for advanced medical schools, nursing colleges, nurses of technical secondary schools, midwives, health professionals, and medical workers in clinical gynaecology and obstetrics department to have teaching demonstration and student practice training.
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