GD/H125  Advanced Nursing Manikin


The entire function nursing person is the newest product of HONGLIAN company, its development is due to basic clinical nursing operations and internship nursing zoning, deliberated after the expert. This product is carries on the functional promotion of the GD/H120A, besides GD /H120A whole function, but also increased two lives bodies of both blood pressure measurement operation training and carotid pulse simulating, most importantly. ,it also increased the true feeling during the nursing training. This product synthesized the main foundation of basic nursing and surgical nursing .This model, from imported PVC plastic materials, is made by stainless steel die- casting process. With the characteristics of vivid, true to operate, easily reassembled, reasonable structure and durability,GD/H125 is currently the most adva nced and complete functi ons, new materials stress the senior comprehensive care training model.
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