All devices - one Software - one database. For 10 years, we develop and produce equipment for the subjective and objective determination of hearing loss. We offer solutions for private practice as well as special solutions for hospitals and researchers. eAUDIO USB - computer based 2 channel audiometer: The eAudio USB - is a modern two-channel pure-tone and speech audiometry. Thanks of using the latest technologies in electronics, it sets new standards in the field of PC audiometry. The eAudio USB has 3 integrated power amplifier for direct connection of passive speakers. This makes measurement of Intelligibility Level Difference (ILD) and Binaural Intelligibility Level Difference (BILD) possible. eTYMP USB - computer based middle ear analyzer: The eTYMP USB is a computer based middle ear analyzer for practical routine and clinical applications. The eTYMP USB- offers the possibility to create user-defined test protocols by combining different tests from the test battery into one test flow. For instance you can create a simple screening procedure and a more in-depth evaluation. eABR USB - 2 channel auditory evoked potentials: eABR USB - the preamplifier as a complete unit. Integrated into an ergonomic housing, the eABR USB offers the functionality of a large AEP measuring station. Genuine 2-channel technology, battery-powered measurement, state-of-the-art signal processing and easy-to-use software complete the entire package. eOAE - Otoacaustic emission system (stand alone & pc based): When an acoustic signal hits the auditory system, the inner ear sends back a very quiet sound, the otoacoustic emissions. A distinction is made between transitory otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) and distorsively produced otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE). Both TEOAE and DPOAE can be measured with the eOAE device. A special screening mode is implemented for performing screening examinations on newborns. audioCONTROL - Special keyboard for operating the eAUDIO USB audiometer
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