MP200 Medical Waste Incinerator


The MP200 Medical Incinerator is one of our most popular solutions for disposing of mixed hazardous waste across developing countries. Regularly chosen by international aid agencies and government bodies for installation at small hospitals, clinics and vaccination centres. A compact medium-sized medical incinerator that is able to safely dispose of a wide range of hospital and clinical waste including, pharmaceutical, biological and high moisture materials. A compact medical incinerator the MP200 includes its secondary chamber within a thick steel outer-shell, combined with 180mm of advanced insulation ensure that the MP200 delivers outstanding results whilst being completely safe to operate compared to inferior machines which lose heat through the process. Highly efficient in operation the MP200 medical incinerator requires up to 40% less fuel to operate due to its advanced construction and insulation including a triple-layered brick-based refractory made up of a thick insulation board, insulation brick a followed by an Alumina Infused outer layer of Thermal bricks that reflect the heat back into the chamber whilst maintaining the heat throughout the process. The MP200 benefits from a Hot Hearth system which directs the heat underneath the primary chamber delivering 360° heating. Removing any cool spots and enabling the destruction of high moisture organic waste safely. A front-loading medical incinerator can safely be reloaded through the incineration process to enable the disposal of higher amounts of clinical waste than a top-loading alternative. The MP-200 medical incinerator benefits from having a large 0.57m³ chamber. Designed to handle a wide variety of waste, it is specifically competent when dealing with Category 2, 3 and 4 types or those less than <3000Kcal and red bag waste. Ideally suited to servicing the needs of a hospital with approximately 150-300 occupied beds per day,
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