Disposable Blood Bag


Options available : 1.Blood bag types available : CPDA / CPDA II / CPD / SAGM / 2.With safety needle shield 3.With 30 ml Sampling bag and Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Holder Features: Medical Disposable Blood Bag MT58071010 Blood Bag, CPDA-1, 450ML, Single bag Blow-extruded Disposable blood bag Available options: 1. Blood bag types available: CPDA -1 / CPD / SAGM. 2. With Safety Needle Shield. 3. With Sampling bag and Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Holder. 4. High quality film suitable for extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days. 5. Blood bag with leikoreduction filter. 6. Transfer empty bag is also available from 150ml to 2000ml for separating blood components from whole blood. Single bag Single bag is used for collection of whole blood with anticoagulant CPDA-1 solutions USP. This single system with a primary bag contains anti-coagulant CPDA-1 (citrate-phosphate-Dextrose-Adenine) which preserves red blood cells up to 35 days at 2° C-6° C. General Information Disposable plastic blood bag is a kind of medical equipment used for blood collection, transfusion and separate the blood component for used. Due to its safety, practicability is accepted by the clinical using, and now it is popular used in various blood bank and hospital. Intended Use There are many specification of plastic blood bag: (1) The function of empty bag: Used for collect whole blood or transport and store the effective component when centrifuge, and can be used as medicine bag. (2) Single, double blood bag: Used for collect, store and transfuse whole blood. (3) Triple, quadruple blood bag: Used for separate the effective component of blood When it is used in clinic, because disposable plastic blood bag is effective when collect blood, separate blood, and store blood. Avoid to medical intercross infect effectively. Provide safe and quick process of the blood so it is popular in various blood bank and hospital.
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