Specimen Retrieval - Detachable, Non-Detachable, FISHMANN, ELABAG


VHMED offers a wide range of specimen retrieval solutions for laparoscopic use. The Black & White endobag is an automatic, non-detachable endobag which is very easy to use in any greater than 10mm port. Our Black & White+tether endobag is detachable with a single piece drawing tether, allows surgeon continue to use the port after completing the endo retrieval. The Taper Bag series specimen retrieval system uses burst resistant materials, can be used where the strictest requirements of specimen retrieval are needed. The proprietary designed bag retention and release mechanism allows multiple uses on a single patient. The simple endobag has the simplest design, suitable for routine use in many standard laparoscopic specimen retrieval. VHMED always has a solution for you on specimen retrieval.
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