CarePump MOVE8 - 8 chambers device for lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy)


Move8 is a device for professional use in medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and biological regeneration. Move8 has been designed for mobile physiotherapists and those who work with athletes. Due to the small size and weight, as well as the battery power supply, this unit is perfect for treatment at home and while travelling. We have included a detailed list of indications for pressotherapy and the benefits it brings in the Lymphatic drainage page. This method is recommended for numerous diseases, including the circulatory and lymphatic system, for athletes to accelerate regeneration and prevent injuries, as well as for aesthetic reasons, e.g. to reduce cellulite. 8-chamber cuffs The device is compatible with 8-chamber cuffs - which in practice means that the cuffs are divided into 8 sections, filling with air during the treatment. The more chambers in the cuff, the more effective the massage is. Overlapping cuffs the cuffs have a system of overlapping chambers, which prevents lymphatic reverse during the procedure. 5 modes of treatment The device has 5 modes of treatment, i.e. ways of inflating the cuffs. Adjustable pressure (30-250 mmHg) CarePump Move4 allows a pressure setting of 30-250 mmHg. The maximum pressure is one of the highest, generated by devices available on the market. The ability to turn off individual chambers This function is particularly useful in the case of certain diseases and injuries. It allows you to exclude any chamber from the treatment (no pumping). Setting the treatment duration The device allows you to set the treatment time from 10 to 60 minutes. Compact design Due to small dimensions: 26 x 13 x 9.5 cm and weight: 2 kg, the unit is comfortable to use and portable. The convenient transport bag is not only indispensable when traveling, but also makes it easy to store the unit. Battery powered The device is equipped with a battery that allows you to perform the treatment without power supply.
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